On Finishing an Amazing Series

The book you have been waiting for is finally in your possession! It is the last in the series and you have been anxiously anticipating how the story will wrap up!


Once you get started reading there is no stopping you. No distractions, no interruptions, just you devouring the last bits of the fictional world.

Baby Book animated GIF

You reach the last page and it is just you with your feelings. Whether you loved the ending…

…Or hated it…

book animated GIF

 Other people don’t know the emotional rollercoaster you just went through.

As you set the book aside, you can’t wait to read more about your favorite characters and their amazing world.

 photo tumblr_naenh4p5Jo1tor24co1_400_zpshbl03vbv.gif

But it is at that moment that you realize you just read the last book. The series is over. Your characters, your friends really, have been through their last trials and adventures.

Nothing is left.

It is over. It is done.

On one hand, you are glad that the story you loved for several books has been completed. But on the other, your characters are gone. No more adventures.


People who haven’t read they series don’t understand. Those people aren’t even real, they say. It is just a book, they say.

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 But you know better. You can’t stop thinking about them.

Eventually you start to accept that the amazing story is done. You are glad for yourself and for the characters, but still there is something missing.

Someone Green animated GIF

The only thing that can help is another trip to the bookstore where you pick up a new book, the start of a new series.

book animated GIF

Once you finish the new story, you are hooked and the cycle starts all over again.

♥, Clare

And a special thanks to Sanne for the post idea 🙂

3 thoughts on “On Finishing an Amazing Series


    What’s your favorite series? There can be more than one…I need to find a good one to read. I have the Delirium books, but I don’t know why I can’t get into the second one.


  2. Omg I have so many! Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Rot and Ruin, Department 19, Mythos Academy, Partials, Unwind, A Great and Terrible Beauty, Virals to name a few 🙂 Those are ones that aren’t as obvious (like HP, HG, Percy Jackson, Divergent, etc).

    I love making the GIF posts:) If you ever have an idea for one you would like to see I would be happy to add it to my list! I am just starting out blogging (you are follower number 16!) but I think people will like those. Do you have any advice on how to spread the word? xo


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