The Woes of Reading In Public

I finally have a chance to read my new book! The problem is, I am in public. Regardless, I find a nice spot to settle in. On the outside I am calm.


But on the inside I am fangirling to the max. A new story to get lost in!

Movies Hobbit animated GIF

But, as is always a hazard of reading in public, someone decides to try and talk with me. I am clearly reading, and yet…

Books Library animated GIF

I cannot fathom why someone though it would be smart to try and engage a reader. In my head, all I can think is the audacity of the interrupter.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Buffy The Vampire Slayer animated GIF

But I am not one to be rude no matter how rude someone else might be.  Straining to be polite, all I can do is listen.

Angry Frustrated animated GIF

That’s when they start to ask inane questions keeping me from the glory that is a new book. What are you reading? **Holds up the cover** What is it about? **How can I know when you have just interrupted me on the first page?**

Read Book animated GIF

As they ramble on, my resolve starts to weaken. I am missing out on quality reading time!

angry animated GIF

Obviously, people do not understand the meaning of an open book.

Stephen Colbert People animated GIF

By some miracle they decide to end their rambling and leave me in peace. As I watch them do, I can barely hold in my disdain.

Angry Buffy The Vampire Slayer animated GIF

And just like that, my chance to read is gone. Walking away from my failed reading spot, I resolve to spend the night reading shut up in my room where I can immerse myself into the new story and be free of book interrupters.

Lord Of The Rings Power animated GIF

♥, Clare

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