The Isadora Interviews by Katie Cross – Review

The Isadora Interviews by Katie Cross – Review

The Isadora Interviews (The Network Series, #1.5)

My Rating


Goodreads Description

Isadora is a quiet, old witch living alone in the fog-strewn forest of Letum Wood. Her magical power is great, but her foresight is even greater.

As a Watcher, Isadora has the ability to see into the heart of every witch she meets, a talent that makes her the perfect guardian of the prestigious Miss Mabel’s School for Girls.
Any girl that wants to enter the school must first pass an interview with Isadora. No secret insecurity or sinister motivation can be hidden from a Watcher, as four teenage girls will soon find out.

Join Leda, Camille, Michelle, and Priscilla as they each encounter Isadora in their quest to join Miss Mabel’s School for Girls. It’s a collection of short stories that fans of the compelling new young adult fantasy novel Miss Mabel’s School for Girls can’t afford to miss.

My Review

The Isadora Interviews is a companion novella to the Miss Mabel’s School for Girls series. Definitely start with Miss Mabel’s but this novella is a must read for any fans. Its very quick. I finished the whole thing on my lunch break. Interviews gives another perspective to the secondary friends (and enemies) characters. Isadora reminds me of the witch in Brave. She is incredibly perceptive and understands young witches more than they understand themselves.

disney animated GIF

disney animated GIF

I loved reading move about Leda and her desire to succeed. It was nice to get an idea of where she came from. Her poor background and the crazy amount of siblings provided a difficult environment to live in with her curse.

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Camille is adorable. I knew she was a sweetheart from the first book and this novella just reinforced that. I loved her chattering to Isadora in her nervousness. It was important to see her in the home of her aunts, where her vibrant good nature was stifled. Her longing for her passed mother made me feel for her even more.

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Priscilla is not a character I can claim to like but nasty personality traits often come from an insecure place inside. Interviews displayed the origins of Priscilla’s perfection oriented mindset in her relationship with her mother. One of the lasts lines of her chapter “you’d do well with transformations…” is telling. I see what you did there. 😉

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I didn’t latch on to Michelle as much in my first reading of Miss Mabel’s but after this novella I will be on the lookout more for her. She takes care of her family and siblings, doing the cooking and taking care of the household. Her strong love for her family was apparent in her reluctance to let them go and attend the Network school. Her desires, passions, and fears make her relatable.

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In Summary

The Good

  • More background on great characters
  • Super quick read
  • A good fix to tide you over before the impending prequel Mildred’s Resistance coming July 15!

The Not So Good

  • I know it is a novella, but I still wanted more!


A must for any fan of the Miss Mabel’s Series. Pardon my sudden kick for Brave GIFs in my last posts 🙂

♥, Clare



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  1. I love your GIF’s! They just make everything 10x better 🙂

    I tagged you for the Things That Make Me More Happy Than Not Tag! You can check it out on the blog!


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