Leibster Award &Sisterhood Award & Blogger Recognition


Hey everyone 🙂 I have been nominated by other bloggers for three new blogging awards. Reflection of the Lights nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers, Fighting Books nominated me for a blogger recognition (the original post is on Edge of Night), and Powder and Page nominated me for a Liebster Award for New Blogs ♥ All three are ways of sharing your blog and finding new people to connect with. Thank you all so much ♥ Instead of creating a separate post for each I am combining elements of all three!

How my Blog Started

I started out in the bookstagram community earlier this year. I absolutely love to read and photos of books ♥ I was glad to find that many people loved the same, so much so that it was actually a thing on instagram! I decided to create my own blog after guest posting for The Book Elves.

Pieces of Advice

You do not have to review every book you read! Book slumps are normal! Review slumps are normal! Blog for yourself just as much as you blog for others. You want posting to be fun not become a chore.

Questions from Reflection of the Lights

  • What’s a popular book/series that you’re just not into?
    • The Mortal Instruments was great for the first three books and then the world just got drawn out too much. Not a fan.
  • How many books do you aim to read every month?
    • Ten would make me very happy
  • What’s the last book that you fell in love with? Do you remember the first?
    • Murder on the Orient Express. Agatha Christie is a genius. The first book would probably be the whole Nancy Drew series. I really like mysteries and solving puzzles!
  • I like to read because…
    • I can escape into a new world or another reality
  • A place you would like to visit
    • There are so many! But I would love to go see all the ancient buildings and ruins of Egypt.
  • Paperback vs hardback vs ebook. Why?
    • Paperback for physical books. I love being able to stack them and just see and feel towers of pages. E-books are great for ARC copies and for getting cheap books!
  • What do you like about YA?
    • The age group has so much potential for conflict and growing and adapting to new situations. Characters struggle with coming in to adult hood or navigating their place in their world. I love all of the fantasy elements and science fiction in a lot of the novels too.
  • What do you dislike about YA?
    • Love triangles. Like. Get rid of them please.
  • Favourite way of acquiring books (used bookstore, online, etc.)
    • Any way that is free! ARCs on NetGalley, ARCs from authors, trading between family and friends, etc. I also love Book Outlet and the NOOK store.
  • Song you’re obsessed with right now
    • Cool for the Summer – Demi Lovato ♥ Not my usual MO but I love it.

Eleven Questions from Powder and Page

  1. What’s your favorite book or book series?
    1. The Lord of the Rings
  2. What is your favorite genre?
    1. Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Mystery
  3. If you could have a party with three authors, who would you pick?
    1. J. R. R. Tolkien, Agatha Christie, Stephen King
  4. What is on your TBR pile?
    1. A bunch of books from book outlet, several horror novels, a few ARCs, basically tons of everything.
  5. If you could live in a novel, which would you pick?
    1. A lot of the novels I like are not really places/ societies I would want to live in and be a part of….
  6. Do you have a favorite book quote?
    1. “The truth, however ugly in itself, is always curious and beautiful to the seeker after it.”
      Agatha Christie, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd 
    2. “What’s wrong with my proposition?” Poirot rose. “If you will forgive me for being personal-I do not like your face, M. Ratchett.”
      Agatha Christie, Murder on the Orient Express LOLOL Poirot Burn.
  7. Why did you start your blog?
    1. I got hooked after joining instagram and the bookstagram community
  8. What three words would you use to describe yourself
    1. Goofy, Sarcastic, Reliable
  9. What would your dream job be?
    1. Librarian, Historian, etc.
  10.  If you were stuck on a desert island, what would you bring with you?
    1. A way to get off of it
  11. Where have you always wanted to travel?
    1. Egypt

Eleven Random Facts About Me

  1. I always keep a book of my NOOK in my bag just in case 🙂
  2. I have recently become addicted to eye shadow palettes
  3. I would love to wear yoga pants and a t shirt all day everyday. I do not do yoga.
  4. I wish there were haunted houses were you could go through and see all the scary/gory displays and appreciate the horror. I love scary things but I hate being scared. People jumping out at me is definitely a no go. Shoutout to the haunted house worker who escorted me through the Asylum Horror set up two years ago to see all the cool displays after I ran out of the emergency exit when another black shrouded worker jumped out at me.
  5. I love to Netflix binge. Particularly Blue Bloods.
  6. Fall is my favorite because I can live in sweaters.
  7. If I could meet any author, dead or alive, I would pick Agatha Christie.
  8. I love myths and legends of any kind.
  9. The Renaissance Faire is my happy place.
  10. Sorry you think its intolerant of me not to tolerate your intolerance.
  11. I promise I’m not rude, I am just very shy and awkward.

I am supposed to nominate 15 other blogs to answer these prompts and questions. I say if you read this, you are nominated! Anyone who cares enough to read about me is someone I want to read about too!

♥, Clare


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