Rage’s Echo by J.S. Bailey – Review

Rage’s Echo by J.S. Bailey

Rage's Echo



I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads Description

He longs for heaven…and revenge.

Jessica Roman-Dell, a paranormal investigator from small-town Ohio, wants to find a ghost to prove that life continues after death. Little does Jessica realize the danger she’ll face when the spirit of a murder victim named Jerry Madison follows her home from a graveyard one night and refuses to leave.

Jerry says he is lonely. He wishes to go to heaven because watching the world pass by without him is more unbearable than death itself. But Jerry is there for another reason that will hit closer to home than Jessica ever could have imagined.

For Jerry is not as innocent as Jessica thinks. Like his murderers, he, too, has killed–and he will stop at nothing to send those responsible for his death to the grave.

My Review

I was really excited by the premise of this novel but to me it fell flat. I had a hard time getting in to it and I had to drag through the beginning to get to a place that became decently interesting. What was missing for me were relatable and likeable characters.

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I really did not like the characters. The main protagonist, Jessica, was irritating and her friends were not much better. Every time they argued or even spoke rationally with each other I felt myself rolling my eyes. She is whiny and needy. Her relationship with her family is nonexistent, but I couldn’t empathize. I found myself not caring and that is never good. Jerry, the ghost with a hidden past, was not much more interesting. I love scary and murderous characters but I just felt annoyed by him. As he followed Jessica, I felt like he was a buzzing fly that wouldn’t go away rather than a terrifying haunting presence.

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The mid point of the book got a bit more interesting as secrets began to come out. However, I found that the majority was pretty easy to deduce and it left me wanting. The first connection/plot twist was predictable. However, the second plot twist was definitely a blindside and I must give credit where credit is due. The story picked up towards the end with these twists but it wasn’t enough to redeem the book.

In Summary

The Good

  • Great premise
  • Decent plot twists, particularly the second

The Not So Good

  • Irritating characters
  • Was not captivating and it didn’t make me want to read more
  • Somewhat predictable


Not really, no. It was just okay to me. If you have a copy in your library or for free, it is not a bad way to spend an afternoon but I would not purchase this book.

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♥, Clare


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