Top Ten Things I Want to Stop Reading About – October 6

Ten Things I Want to Stop Reading About

***There are many books that I love that include the following elements. I also love a lot of the movies I used gifs for 🙂 However, I feel as though what I listed is overdone, overexposed, not well enough developed, and/or irritating in a lot of YA fiction that has come out or is coming out recently***

Love Triangles

katniss everdeen animated GIF

katniss everdeen animated GIF

Love Interests

movie animated GIF

“Good” Vampires

twilight animated GIF

“Good” Werewolves

werewolf animated GIF

Minorities only as Best Friends/Sidekicks

harry potter animated GIF

Fairytale Retellings

movie animated GIF

“Chosen Ones”/Prophesied Heroes

logan lerman animated GIF


minho animated GIF

Predictable Endings

beautiful creatures animated GIF

Weak Female Protagonists

Maudit animated GIF

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15 thoughts on “Top Ten Things I Want to Stop Reading About – October 6

  1. A lot of these are overdone or not done well lately. I agree with love triangles and the chosen one. I also am getting so annoyed with the female protagonist being weak! Sigh.


  2. I agree with most of these! So overdone! But when it comes to “weak” female leads, don’t you think they’re overdoing it instead with “strong” ones? With Characters like Katniss from The Hunger Games and Tris from Divergent, we see female leads who may be strong physically and aren’t very feminine, but that doesn’t mean they’re strong. Wendy from The Shining is a good mom and is the only one (including her husband, son, and other villagers who have been in the hotel) not mentally affected by the haunted house. She knows who she is and that she would protect her son with her life. Doesn’t that make her strong?

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  3. If I never read another book with a love triangle in it, it will be too soon! YA is especially guilty about this. What I want to know is, where are all of the people in real life caught up in a love triangle? I’ve never met anyone who has gone through something like that, why is it so ever present in YA?


  4. I so agree about the love triangles! But I kind of disagree with your example for weak female protagonists… I don’t know if you read The Shining or just watched the movie, but in the movie Wendy was weak and such a crybaby. In the book, she’s such a different woman and she wasn’t a badass or strong physically, but I thought she was a very strong character. She was hardworking, earnest, and she was an amazing mother. She also tried so hard to help her husband and I was really disappointed to see her portrayed so terribly in the movies. But awesome list! Here’s my TTT:


  5. Such good points! I love the Shining (the novel, more so) and I agree with your assessment. I chose that GIF more do to that moment in time it shows than any commentary on her as a character. It was hard to find GIFs of a “weak” female character precisely for your reasons above! There are a tremendous amount of “strong” female characters. I think what I am looking for is more multi-faceted characters. Women who have stories to tell and personalities that have both weak and strong aspects. Wendy definitely is that. But I liked the GIF 😉


  6. I completely agree! Please look at my comment reply to MorganPaige! 🙂 I have read the book, it is actually my favorite. But I am glad my poor choice of GIF started these conversations about the portrayal of women in popular media. 🙂

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  7. I completely agree!! I have never met any one with that sort of problem in real life either! Not saying it is impossible but it is just completely overdone.


  8. I’m so happy you think so too 🙂 I was hoping my comment didn’t come across as preachy, your gif is a good representation of a weak female character! She certainly looks like she can’t handle what’s going on in that scene lol and I can’t agree with you more- multifaceted female characters are few and far between! I think fair and interesting representations need to be written more often, rather than one certain label to do defined under. Great post!


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