Book Outlet Haul!


I just got a package from Book Outlet!!! ♥ I would have gotten it sooner except I sent it to the address we are not longer staying at, oops! If any of you have not heard of then go check out their website right now! When I started this post, this haul was my latest order from Book Outlet. That is no longer the case 🙂 So expect another haul post, albeit smaller, in the not too disant future.


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Spotlight on Book Outlet!

I just recieved my order of books from Book Outlet! Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to take pictures yet but I will post my haul soon! As I was planning my post in my head, I got thinking that not everyone has heard of the gloriousness that is Book Outlet so I thought I would put out a friendly PSA for every book lover’s best friend.

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